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Sustainability award of GROW start-up competition conferred

Start-up "Aufklärwerk" wins the ARRTI co-financed Sustainability Award of the GROW start-up competition. Aufklärwerk is a digital platform for the mediation of social education and encounter offers.


Handbuch Technikethik

New publication in German edited by ARRTI director Rafaela Hillerbrand and head of ITAS Armin Grunwald.

KIT Sustainable Innovation Challenge

Idea for a modular battery system wins the KIT Sustainable Innovation Challenge 2021, hosted by ARRTI, and receives 6-month sponsorship.


Podcast on Climate Change

ARRTI project leader, Prof. Dr. Dr. Hillerbrand, was interviewed on her research and ARRTI.

Pilot project on participatory science

ARRTI participates in one of BMBF's pilot projects: "Wissenschaft. Zukunft. Zuhause." Scientists talk about their research on the topic of "climate and environment" in their home region and discuss with the audience.


Reflecting Technology in Academic Teaching


on teaching environmental, societal, and ethical dimensions of technological change.


Date: 2021/07/27 - 2021/07/28