Responsible AI
Responsible Research Challenge - Responsible AI: The winners have been chosen!

Two research-projects have been chosen as winners: “AI4NAPP”, which aims to develop a new model of production planning that considers a holistic sustainability approach and “ML4RW”, which aims to address the issues of reducing food waste and improving energy utilization efficiency through the design of more accurate time-series-prediction machine-learning algorithms.


The ARRTI-Team and -Network congratulates the winners and is excited to support the two projects as ARRTI-Fellows in the coming months.

Deutsche Telekom Award
Deutsche Telekom Award

On 18 July 2023, the Deutsche Telekom Female Excellence Award, endowed with a total of €7,500, was presented for the first time at the ARRTI Academy evening in the Triangle building. The patroness of the event was Claudia Nemat, member of the Deutsche Telekom Board of Management and Heinrich Hertz Guest Professor.

The theme of the international competition was "Ethics of digitization", picking up on the current trend towards critical discussion of topics related to research on AI and AI-supported systems. The focus was deliberately on the positive aspects of AI and in particular on how AI can help us to orientate ourselves more responsibly in an increasingly complex world. Of the many outstanding submissions, two stood out in particular, so the jury decided to award one prize in the STEM subjects and another in the humanities and social sciences.

Gewinnermeldung zur KIT SI Challenge
KIT Sustainable Innovation Challenge 2022: The Winner

The prize for the second KIT Sustainable Innovation Challenge goes to the team of Batcam and their idea to develop glasses that warn of obstacles, as well as recognize objects and much more. The idea is to create a platform that will support blind people in their daily life's.


The prize, funded by ARRTI, includes a 6-month sponsorship for the Challenge winners. This support is intended in particular to kick-start the team's further development and thus contribute to the realization of the business idea.

KIT Sustainable Innovation Challenge 2021: The Winner

Idea for a modular battery system wins the KIT Sustainable Innovation Challenge 2021, hosted by ARRTI, and receives 6-month sponsorship.


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The Institute of Human and Industrial Engineering (IFAB) offers workshops on ELSI topics (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications). These workshops enable innovators to be sensitized to the ethical, legal and social challenges involved in their products.

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Founders, Developers and other Innovators are supported by the Innovation subproject on their journey from ideation towards the development of a business model through a wide variety of offers. Together with EnTechnon Institute for example, we offer this via the Acceleration Program upCAT. Furthermore, we provide Networking opportunities together with Gründerschmiede or other networking partners from the KIT ecosystem.



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