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Summer term

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ARRTI's teaching offer in the summer term 2022.


Date: April - July 22

Start Up X
StartUp X


From the conception of an idea to the final pitch, experience the life of a founder yourself through the seminar Startup X. Challenge yourself to experience the life of an entrepreneur and learn how to attain resources to realize your vision.


Registration period: until 01.04.2022


Date: SS 2022

Planet, People, Profit


Der Kurs kombiniert Inhalte und Methoden zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung (Fokus auf persönliche Werte) mit denen der fachlichen Entwicklung (Fokus auf Unternehmertum: Wie kann ich eine Idee durchdenken und in ein lebensfähiges und attraktives Geschäftsmodell für ein Startup überführen?).


Registration period: 08.04. - 14.04.2022


Date: 17.05. / 24.05. / 13.06.

Vorbilder in Innovation und Forschung: Verantwortung in der Produktentwicklung

Lecture Series


Date: Nov 2021 - Jan 2022


Lecturers: Sebastian Wandtke (Faurecia, Manager Innovation), Karsten vom Bruch (Betriebsrat Robert Bosch GmbH), Bettina Roth (VAUDE Academy), Ingo Gaida (Miele, Director Strategy Development Central R&D), Orestis Terzides (Head of EnTechnon)


More information soon.


If you are interested in questions of ethics and responsibility in your study program at KIT, we are happy to serve as your point of contact. We offer various innovative and tailor-made teaching formats that allow you and your professors to discuss ethics and responsibility in technology, research and innovation as well as the challenges of acting responsibly in professional environments. For example, we can join your professors as guest lecturers or co-teachers in one of your courses. Or you can participate in our ARRTI courses at the KIT House of Competence (HoC) and the Zentrum für angewandte Kulturwissenschaften und Studium Generale (ZAK), where you can acquire ECTS credits as part of the key qualifications section of your study program.

We are continually developing our teaching portfolio and would like to invite you as students to actively participate in this process. Questions of ethics and responsibility impact all of us. Join us in establishing them as an important building block of studying at KIT!

If you are interested in our topics and offerings or if you have any questions or suggestions, just contact us and we will be happy to help.


Students are supported by the Innovation subproject on their journey from ideation towards the development of a business model through a wide variety of extra-/curricular offers. Together with EnTechnon Institute for example, we offer this via our seminars. Furthermore, we provide Networking opportunities together with Gründerschmiede or the student university groups ENACTUS or Pioniergarage. There, we are also active in the student founding competition GROW.


If you got any questions or requests, you can contact us via E-Mail