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ARRTI offers courses for students and an interested public every semester. Among them are own lectures, seminars and workshops. Participation is usually open. Some events are cooperations with other institutes and ARRTI is involved for example in the form of co-teaching. Participation is then often bound to the conditions of the cooperating institute.


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Panel: Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis in Zeiten der Ukraine-Krise

Die schrecklichen Ereignisse in der Ukraine zeigen, wie fragil bestehende Forschungskooperationen mit solchen Staaten sein können, gleichwohl stellt ein politischer Eingriff in bestehende wissenschaftliche Projekte mit solchen Staaten einen erheblichen Eingriff in die grundgesetzlich verbriefte Wissenschaftsfreiheit und wirft weitere ethische Fragen zur guten wissenschaftlichen Praxis auf.


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At ARRTI we offer innovative and tailor-made teaching formats to support you when it comes to questions concerning ethics and responsibility in your discipline. You can book ARRTI guest lecturers for one or two sessions if you are looking for a simple way to integrate such topics in existing lectures or seminars. If you are interested in collaborations that foster deeper integration, we offer more sophisticated co-teaching formats and joint development of lecture content. We also offer ARRTI Train the Trainer workshops, which equip participants with skills that will enable you to teach topics related to ethics and responsibility in your own discipline independently and with confidence.

If you are interested in what we do and what we can offer you, feel free to contact us right away. We are happy to help you with any further questions and welcome you as our partner in promoting ethics and responsibility in teaching at KIT!



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