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ARRTI addresses the increasing social need for ethical reflection of engineering and scientific practices. ARRTI aims to promote the critical attitude of students, scientists and engineers and to encourage responsible innovation. Mission Statement



KIT SIC 2023
Innovating Towards a Barrier-Free Future: Winners of KIT Student Innovation Challenge Revealed!

TactileVision and SignMeUp emerge as the winning teams with their pioneering ideas.


TactileVision empowers visually impaired students with 3D-printed educational experiences, while SignMeUp translates real-time gestures to simplify communication among the hearing-impaired.


Excited for ARRTI team's support in the coming months.

TheVisualsYouNeed #457097792 - AdobeStockTheVisualsYouNeed #457097792 - AdobeStock
KIT Responsible Innovation Challenge 2023: The Winners!

The prize for the KIT Responsible Innovation Challenge 2023 goes to the two research projects:


Loop reactor for hydrogen production and storage by reacting iron with water




Hochskalierung und kommerzielle Bereitstellung von Preußisch Weiß als Aktivmaterial für Natrium-Ionen Batterien


During the 12-month funding period, the ARRTI-sponsored prize also includes an accompanying reflections on the various dimensions of responsibility in each project, in line with the call to "do good in a good way".

Portrait Christian Uhle
Teaser zu "Digitalisierung und die Frage nach einem sinnvollen Leben" online

Unser Privatleben, unsere Gesellschaften und Arbeitswelten verändern sich rasant. Eine zentrale Rolle dabei spielen neue Technologien – insbesondere die fortschreitende Digitalisierung hat einen vielschichtigen und weitreichenden Einfluss auf sämtliche Bereiche. Das wirft zahlreiche Grundsatzfragen auf, die Christian Uhle und Michael Kühler in ihrem Blockseminar am ZAK gemeinsam mit den Teilnehmenden diskutieren werden.


Das Teaser-Video zum Blockseminar sowie weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der unten verlinkten Seite.

Responsible AI
ARRTI Responsible Research Challenge 2023: Responsible AI

Can AI help us make our world better and take on our social and ethical responsibilities?


Until 14.06.2023, KIT M.A. students approaching graduation or Master’s graduates and researchers of all disciplines and career levels can apply for the ARRTI Responsible Research Challenge – Responsible AI. Research projects will be funded for up to one year with total available funding of up to 80,000 euro


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