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ARRTI addresses the increasing social need for ethical reflection of engineering and scientific practices. ARRTI aims to promote the critical attitude of students, scientists and engineers and to encourage responsible innovation. Mission Statement



Responsible AI
Responsible Research Challenge - Responsible AI: The winners have been chosen!

Two research-projects have been chosen as winners: “AI4NAPP”, which aims to develop a new model of production planning that considers a holistic sustainability approach and “ML4RW”, which aims to address the issues of reducing food waste and improving energy utilization efficiency through the design of more accurate time-series-prediction machine-learning algorithms.


The ARRTI-Team and -Network congratulates the winners and is excited to support the two projects as ARRTI-Fellows in the coming months.

Smart City - more sustainable and liveable
Smart City: more sustainable and liveable?

On 15 October 2023, the ARRTI symposium "Smart City: more sustainable and liveable?", organized in cooperation with the KIT Institute for Urban and Landscape Design (IESL) and KIT Science Week, took place at the Triangel. With the participation of 60 Karlsruhe citizens and five experts from the fields of architecture and urban research, the smart city concept was discussed and how it is suitable as a possible solution for the major challenges facing modern cities.

Deutsche Telekom Award
Deutsche Telekom Award

On 18 July 2023, the Deutsche Telekom Female Excellence Award, endowed with a total of €7,500, was presented for the first time at the ARRTI Academy evening in the Triangle building. The patroness of the event was Claudia Nemat, member of the Deutsche Telekom Board of Management and Heinrich Hertz Guest Professor.

The theme of the international competition was "Ethics of digitization", picking up on the current trend towards critical discussion of topics related to research on AI and AI-supported systems. The focus was deliberately on the positive aspects of AI and in particular on how AI can help us to orientate ourselves more responsibly in an increasingly complex world. Of the many outstanding submissions, two stood out in particular, so the jury decided to award one prize in the STEM subjects and another in the humanities and social sciences.

TheVisualsYouNeed #457097792 - AdobeStockTheVisualsYouNeed #457097792 - AdobeStock
KIT Responsible Innovation Challenge 2023: The Winners!

The prize for the KIT Responsible Innovation Challenge 2023 goes to the two research projects:


Loop reactor for hydrogen production and storage by reacting iron with water




Hochskalierung und kommerzielle Bereitstellung von Preußisch Weiß als Aktivmaterial für Natrium-Ionen Batterien


During the 12-month funding period, the ARRTI-sponsored prize also includes an accompanying reflections on the various dimensions of responsibility in each project, in line with the call to "do good in a good way".


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