In our increasingly interconnected world, the natural and engineering sciences are confronted with complex and dynamic problems. Meeting the need for innovation through novelty in scientific research and technical invention while at the same time respecting ethical responsibility poses great challenges for scientists and engineers. This is where ARRTI comes in.

ARRTI is an academy funded by the KIT Excellence Initiative that pursues the goal of a stronger consideration of ethical issues in technology research, teaching, and innovation. ARRTI imparts skills in ethical reflection that enable students, researchers, and entrepreneurs to take responsibility in their research, teaching and innovation. Central to this undertaking is the multi-dimensional concept of responsibility: researchers, educators and technology creators have a responsibility to address the problems of today and tomorrow in their actions and innovations. At the same time, they have a far-reaching responsibility to society for what they do, including the direct and indirect consequences of their work.

ARRTI offers an interdisciplinary platform for the co-creation and discussion of ethical questions and practices and the acquisition of skills in ethical reflection. The academy follows the "train the trainers" concept: academy members ensure that the content and skills they develop through ARRTI are conveyed to their fellow scientists and students. ARRTI offers a complementary study program that includes continuing education, discussion, and co-teaching formats, as well as an advanced course program leading to a certificate.

The following options are available for participating in ARRTI:

  • Academy Members: professors who are nominated as permanent academy members based on their scientific achievements and their reputations. Academy members are the multiplying factors in deepening the implementation of ARRTI topics at KIT. In collaboration with the ARRTI team—the staff and directors—academy members bring issues and experience from their various disciplines into ARRTI.
  • Research/Innovation Fellows: students and staff who participate in a competitively awarded fellowship in the area of research or innovation, or working on an ARRTI-funded project.
  • Teaching Fellows: scientists at all levels who are involved in the transfer of knowledge and competencies for the attainment of responsibility through teaching.

ARRTI offers frequent formats in which topics of technology and research ethics are discussed in depth with academy members and fellows. We understand membership as participatory so that everyone can learn from each other. In this way, ARRTI itself can amplify ethical issues at KIT.


Panel: Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis in Zeiten der Ukraine-Krise

Panel Discussion

with audience participation


Date: 2022/07/20


Panel participants: Enno Aufderheide, Thomas Hirth, Armin Reinartz, Mareike Ohlberg, Markus Klute

Was soll ich nicht tun? Überlegungen zum Wandel der Problemstellung der Ethik



Date: 2022/07/18


Speaker: Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek

Geld oder Leben — Unser Verhältnis als Deutsche zum Geld und wie dies die Gesellschaft spaltet



Date: 2022/01/31


Speaker: Prof. Dr. Marcel Fratzscher

Auf einem Ohr taub? - Hört die Umweltpolitik genug auf die Umweltwissenschaften?

Panel Discussion

with audience participation


Date: 2021/10/27


Panel participants: Peter Braesicke; Marie-Luise Beck; Rafaela Hillerbrand; Dieter Lenzen; André Thess




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