At ARRTI we offer instruction in formats that enable and encourage students at KIT to critically reflect on ethical questions related to their fields of study. In doing so we seek to lay the groundwork for responsible action in future professional environments. Our teaching programs are interdisciplinary and include co-teaching formats in cooperation with various KIT study programs. We also work together with the KIT House of Competence (HoC) and the Zentrum für angewandte Kulturwissenschaften und Studium Generale (ZAK) to make our courses available to a broad student audience. In all our teaching we emphasize student engagement as a central didactic element, meaning that students actively participate in the development, testing, and evaluation of innovative teaching formats and content.

We critically reflect on and evaluate our teaching programs in order to continually advance our didactic knowledge. We also present these systematically developed insights to a research community interested in didactic questions in workshops, conferences and scientific publications.

Winter term has started

Lectures, seminars, projects and workshops - ARRTI's teaching offer in the winter term 2021/2022.


Date: Oct 21 - Feb 22

Reflecting Technology in Academic Teaching

Workshop on teaching environmental, societal, and ethical dimensions of technological change.


Date: 2021/07/27 - 2021/07/28

Science in Times of Transformation

ARRTI Lunch Seminar

for research and teaching personnel at KIT, summer term 2021


Start: May 27th 2021

Theories of the Self and Autonomy in Medical Ethics

Book Symposium

The volume Theories of the Self and Autonomy in Medical Ethics engages in a critical discussion on how to respect and promote patients’ autonomy in difficult cases such as palliative care and end-of-life decisions.

Organized by Michael Kühler & Veselin Mitrović


Date: 2021/04/16



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